Footballs By Type


The moment the iconic Nike Swoosh is blazed across any football then you can be assured of high performance, whether on the training ground or saved for match day. Suiting the demands of all players and any ability, these size 5 footballs come in an array of designs.


From Champions League to simple training balls, adidas know exactly how to create and design footballs to suit all levels. Utilising their sporting and football expertise, adidas only put their name to high performance products which will enhance your play.


Mitre have a distinguished reputation for creating footballs of high performance, matching all levels of play and ability. From the FIFA approved Max Professional to the Calcio 18 training football, Mitre excel in making no nonsense footballs which are a joy to play with.


Wherever you see the famous Puma Cat logo, you know that a quality product is in place. With this collection of Puma footballs, each one has its own distinct design and created to not only stand out on the pitch but more importantly improve your play.


Prepare yourself for a Warrior invasion as the Skreamer collection is set to tackle the big boys in the football world. Whether training or in match mode, Warrior have a football to suit your demands and are looking to make a statement on the football pitch.


Ready for kick-off, adidas, Nike, Mitre and Warrior know exactly what it takes to deliver high performance on the football pitch. These footballs are all about match play and utilise top-level materials and designs so that you can concentrate on your own performance.


Even the top players spend time on the training ground and everyone needs to practice prior to matches. Low on price but without compromising on performance, this collection of training footballs from Nike, adidas, Puma and Mitre are ideal to hone your skills with.


Take advantage of our clearance footballs, where you will find an array of reduced and selected Training and Match balls. Choose from the likes of adidas, Nike, Puma and other sports brands.

Football Equipment By Type


A vital piece of equipment, whether in training or on match day then shin pads are essential for protecting your legs. Whether choosing simple slip-ins, those with strapping or the complete package of ankle protection too; adidas, Nike and Puma have your legs covered.


Football players can come with a lot of baggage which is why we offer a collection of bags and holdalls to suit the demands. From simple backpacks, gym bags, and boot bags to large holdalls; Nike, Puma, adidas and Under Armour cater to all your needs.


You can't complete your kit without a pair of socks to keep your feet from sliding thanks to the revolutionary design of Trusox. Pulled up by the likes of Messi, Neymar, Suarez and Bale, we also have the matching colour tape to keep them securely in place.


From stop watches and wristbands to health bracelets, your wrists will never be left alone again. More than simply fashion accessories though, these items all serve their own purpose and can be casually sported to suit your sporting or active demands.


For optimum grip and performance across soft natural football pitches, your football studs play a valuable role. With a mixture of longer studs across the heel for stability and shorter ones over the front for power, simply screw-in tight and away you go.


Football and sport of any nature can take its toll on the body and injuries are all part of the course. Make sure you are in top condition and take care of any minor injuries with the help of these medical bags. Designed for quick and instant treatment, each bag contains an array of medical equipment.


No one likes spending any time out of the game so if you are in need of a support for any part of your body then let our range of medical supports help you on the road to recovery. From legs and knee supports to back, shoulders and wrists; let LP, Sorbothane, Mueller and Vulkan take care of your sporting needs.


Add a new look to any training session with the aid of colourful training bibs. Split the team into defence and attack, easily define your team-mates and opponents or simply wear to mark out particular players.


Everyone needs to stay hydrated in order to perform at their best. This range of water bottles have been designed for easy consumption of any fluids and conveniently fit into any sports bag. Choose from a range of designs and colours to make sure you are always hydrated during any activity.


Take charge and make sure you are heard with our collection of top performance whistles. Whether used on the training ground or come match day, stay in control and make life easier for yourself, from first to final whistle.


Players and coaches alike embrace variation in their training schedules. With the help of training cones, hurdles, evasion belts and many other training equipment, all players can benefit from a fresh impotence to their training which will ultimately show on match day.


Check out our great savings on a range of football equipment and accessories for both adults and children, both on and off the pitch. From footballs and protection to medical supports and bags to look after your kit, Lovell Soccer shares your love of the beautiful game.